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Phone # 732-690-0503  Fax# 732 369-6921

I have chosen to practice Addiction Medicine because this disease does not discriminate.  There are so many lives that have been arrested and lost due this progressive debilitating  disease . My mission is to help each person I can one step at a time . 



Medication Assisted Treatment for Withdrawal / Detox and Maintenance  for those suffering from opioid dependence . 


Vivitrol injections as well as oral Naltrexone for both opioid and alcohol dependence. 


I provide one to one counseling for patients with Substance Use Disorder . I have a large network of facilities that I work with that can provide additional psycho-social support at the patient's and family members request.

Medical Care

Medical Care Related to Addiction including initial comprehensive history and physicals routine blood work  as well as screening for HIV,  Hepatitis 

Alcohol Withdrawal

Detox and withdrawal  for mild to moderate Alcohol Use disorder. Including management with FDA approved medications and 1 to 1 counseling. 

Nicotine Dependence 

Assistance with smoking cessation. 

Initial Consultation : $ 250.00    Follow up Visits : Suboxone $150.00   Vivitrol : $150.00

Accepting : Medicare, Cigna, Aetna  , Horizon Commercial Plans , United Health Care , and 

All Out of Networks Insurances accept . 


Deductible : Amount of money that the patient pays before services are cover by insurance company. 

Co pay : A set fee you pay when visiting a doctor after you've met your deductible. You might have different copayments for doctor visits, hospital stays and other types of care. 

Co Insurance: Some insurance plans expect you to pay a percentage of the bill even after you've met your deductible. For example, you could be on the hook for 20% or 30% of the bill while the insurer handles the rest. 

In-network provider: A medical professional who is part of your health insurance coverage and has pre-determined agreements with your insurer on what to charge for certain services and visits. Staying in network means your insurance will cover more of the costs and your bills will be much cheaper. 

Out-of-network provider: A medical provider who does not have a contract with your health insurer, and will likely be more expensive to receive care from. You can end up being responsible for most, if not all of the bill if you go to an out-of-network doctor and have no out of network benefits. 

Explanation of Benefits: While it may look like a bill, it isn't. An EOB is just an overview of what (and how much) your doctor billed to your insurance company and what the insurer has agreed to cover. It can also include an estimate of how much you might be expected to pay, but the medical provider will send a bill separately.


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